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 A ceilidh with Alterego is guaranteed to get you on your feet. See them throughout the weekend
Brian Lupton
Join in with Brian as he brings you foot-tapping chorus songs. He'll also be at the 'Don't Make Me Laugh' and Late Night sessions
Clive Pownceby
Once again, Clive is here at Wirral as a compere. Clive is the organiser of the very prestigious and successful Bothy Folk Club in Southport
Jan Lupton 
Jan will be holding a painting workshop on Friday afternoon
Get those feet tapping with Celtic Knot -- workshops and sessions throughout the weekend

Colleen Cavell 
Our resident poet Colleen will hold a poetry worshop on Friday afternoon

Dave Russell
Dave is a stalwart of folk music in the Chester area and runs the very successful Raven Folk Club
Gordon Morris
One of your comperes, Gordon Morris will be hosting sessions and playing with The Marrowbones throughout the weekend
Graham will be holding folk clubs and sessions and will also be compering over the weekend
                                Greasby Ukes
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                         Neston Strummers

Sheffield Steel Rapper
         Womens' rapper          sword-dance team


Stewart Lever
    See Stewart at Singers and               Musicians sessions over             the weekend. He's also one        of our comperes
Sue Farley
Join in with Sue and the Songwriters on Saturday and Sunday

The Vintage Rockers
are a 'mature' band who will have you reeling and rocking in no time. Many are DJ's on the online radio station Vintage Radio based in Birkenhead.



'Sing in the Festival' Open Mic (Thursday)

John Denver Experience
Chris Bannister

Mini concerts

'Chance to Meet' artistes

Folk Club concerts

'Chorus Songs'
John Finnan

Singers/Musicians sessions


'Songs of the Sea'
Pete Massey & Gordon Morris

'Songs of Cheshire'
Pete Massey & Gordon Morris

Skiffle Jam session

Ukulele sessions
Ian Campbell 

Irish Jam sessions
Celtic Knot

'Open Mic Showcase' 

     'Don't Make Me Laugh'        comedy hour
Will Morgan, Steve Canavan
Mel Barratt & Brian Lupton

Training workshops in Irish music, Ukulele, Guitar, Songwriting, Poetry & Painting

Training in 
Bodhran & Whistle
Fred Rose (Folkus)

Jill & Terry Jobson

Tea Time Sings

Late Nite Extras

Morris Dance displays
Sheffield Steel Rapper

Craft Fair


Inside the craft fair

The sound man takes a break

Always time for a cuppa

Keeping an eye on things

                      Jo Pue                                       Jo will be holding an                                 Irish music workshop on Sunday
                                                                                                         John Warburton
       John is one of the team at the Hungry Horse Folk        Club every Thursday that is located at this festival's         venue.   You can catch John at the Songwriters           Workshop and at the session 'John Warburton and                             Friends' on Friday
             Jill & Terry Jobson
    Jill & Terry Jobson are expert storytellers and will           be hosting a storytelling session on Friday.         They are also part of our set-up team.
              The Marrowbones
Pete, Gordon and Graham will be hosting sessions in the Members' Lounge. Gordon and Peter will also be presenting 'Songs of the Sea' and 'Songs of Cheshire

Will Morgan
 You can see Will at the 'Don't Make Me Laugh' session.     He's also one of your comperes


Inside main venue
Main Concert Hall This is where all the main stage concerts take place. Wooden-floored auditorium. All-seated. Plus bar

The Oak Room  - a smaller, all-seated concert room with bar

Members' Lounge -  the Whitby Club's main lounge. Bar and superb food available. Music and workshops throughout the day during the whole weekend.

Marie's Marquee - themed sessions, workshops

Green Marquee - main venue for Singers / Musicians and Irish Jam

              Relaxing outside

      Blackbeard's Tea Party- main stage

     Irish music workshop with Jo Pue in                the Members' Lounge

              Singing in the Festival

                Singing in the Festival

            John Finnan 

     Join in with at his Chorus Songs            session. John is also one of your              comperes for the weekend


                                                    Mel Barratt 

              Mel sings at the 'Don't Make Me Laugh'                                session on Saturday. He's also one                  of the comperes over the weekend

                                                    Ian Campbell 
               Look out for the Ukulele workshops                   and sessions led by Ian Campbell

                                                    Steve Canavan
Join Steve at the 'Don't Make Me Laugh' session on Saturday. His music has a gentle, quirky style which always tells a story - sad, poignant or funny

Vocal Point
          are the Resident band at the Hungry Horse                       Folk Club.   VP will start the weekend off by                       'Singing In The Festival' on Thursday night.                            John and Angela Owen are also the                               festival Directors and Sue Farley is a               committee member and the festival webmaster